I have known Gavin and Liz since I was a kid and they fitted my parents kitchen in the 90’s. When it came to a new kitchen in a new extension for my family and me I went to speak with them. Their design and ideas are fantastic. The professional level of work and attention to detail is outstanding. The best way I can describe the experience with dealing with Gavin is I felt safe the whole time. This was the first kitchen we’ve bought as a family and it’s a scary time with a lot of money at stake. To have someone come in, ask how you want to live in the space, draw up the plans and discuss it through with you is just great. But more than them at they were open to ideas and not afraid to use their knowledge to suggest if something won’t work either. When it came to the fitting, again, they were clean, respectful of your home and completely professional. It was fitted with complete efficiently. We’ve had our kitchen a year now and every time I walk in, I smile and wouldn’t change a thing.